A Venue Finder is a professional who looks for and negotiates venues for corporate events. It provides customers with their network of partners initially selected to carry out any type of event.

The services offered by the agency FL CONSULTING are free for all companies with whom we work. Our remuneration is simply based on direct revenue through our network of partner service providers. As a result, during the realization of events, companies save time and realize significant savings: between 20 and 25% per event on average.

Venue Finder


Everyday, you face the problems that can pose:

  • The organization of a seminar, a study day, a convention, a product launch … or any other event.

  • The organization of a protest in a city that is unknown to you, the lack of time to visit a place that you think or have been recommended.

You are short of ideas or overwhelmed to: look for a destination, a place, meet specifications, meet the requirements of a boss, deal with the non-responsiveness of interlocutors, easily decrypt the language of hoteliers (bed Italian-style class, theatre, conference, amphitheatre …).

FL CONSULTING specializes in the organization of events in the medical sector. Seminars, congresses, colloquiums, symposia

Each location is subject to rigorous evaluation to determine whether it is suitable for meetings and events in the health care field.


FL CONSULTING is experienced in compliance with the “DMOS” law known as the “anti-gifts” law, which aims to moralize relations between manufacturers and healthcare professionals.

This materializes in our case by a directory of places that are compatible with the requirements of this DMOS law.

Save time and money.

Analyse the offers received and make a decision in front of several possibilities, evaluate if the surface is adapted to your event … etc.

A place of meeting, of cocktail… is discovered, studied and learned to master all its possibilities.

With FL CONSULTING you will benefit from preferential rates granted by the various hotels.

This service is free of charge and must bring you real help in your often-busy days.

Let us organize your corporate event.

Feel free to test and see for yourself, FL CONSULTING respects the given budget.

FL CONSULTING provides its services to small, medium and large companies, associations and administrations.

FL CONSULTING has acquired over the years an expert recognition in both national and international hotel environments. The trust granted by our customers is the mark of a unanimously recognized competence.