Whether it’s a convention, a symposium, or a product launch, organizing such an event requires strong skills in many areas. It goes from the knowledge of the location to the planning, through the logistics. As you can see, the main mission of the Venue Finding agency is to satisfy its customers by managing the complete organization of a big event.

FL Consulting is the reference provider given the number of major events previously carried out for its clients. The agency has its own network of partner service providers, carefully selected upstream, to meet your most ambitious requirements.


Event to debate around a specific theme

A congress is a majestic event or a gathering of competent protagonists to debate around a very specific theme.

Professional convention is an event ordered by one or more non-profit organizations. FL Consulting organizes your congress taking into account your requirements in terms of location, budget, equipment, etc.


Large gathering of professionals or collaborators

To organize a corporate event that brings together a large number of participants, we present you with a strong logistical support for the research of places related to the theme as well as to the planning of the service providers.

FL Consulting studies with you the essential needs, your main constraints in order to correctly target the potential locations. The agency finds the best solutions between the accessibility and attractiveness of destinations.


Scientific or cultural congress to share and advance research

A symposium or scientific conference is a very specific event that aims to bring together researchers and engineers from a field to mention their progress.

This event also allows geographically distant collaborators to create and maintain professional contacts. The symposia are repeated mainly with a fixed periodicity, usually annual.

The FL Consulting agency also organizes this type of event and it will be a pleasure to work on your professional project.


Direct contact with his audience to facilitate field sales

The roadshow is surely one of the best solutions to sell. Indeed, this type of event is in the form of a promotional excursion so that your sales team can be in direct contact with your customers, suppliers and distributors.

Your employees will be able to move according to your needs in order to promote your products and / or services to the target audience.

In a world where communication is more and more virtual, organizing a roadshow makes it possible to take the time to present and explain the products or services offered by sales people in the field.


Launch of a digital service or physical product

Are you a company or start up launching a service or product?

The launch of a new product or service is necessary in a growth strategy for your business. By judiciously targeting the right people, a product launch party, for example, has a leveraging goal and triggers sales in a double dimension.

FL Consulting is also involved in the organization of a product or service launch to gather internal forces and arouse the interest of customers, prospects or the press.


Meeting of specialists and researchers to discuss a topic

A symposium is similar to a congress but it is considered less formal and less ambitious. However, this type of event is more important than a simple workshop or seminar where only a few people are present.

This type of event is first and foremost an assembly of professional specialists who come together to share and express their opinion on very specific questions, defined in advance.

Consult our agency if you have as project to delegate the integral organization of a conference.